Drive TORMAX 1102, TORMAX 1201



TORMAX 1102 swing door drive

The TORMAX 1102 is the ideal solution for light, narrow doors.

With its elegant, unobtrusive design and compact installation height of only 85 mm, this drive offers limitless scope for door design.

Thanks to its quiet operation as well as balanced and coordinated door movements, this drive lends itself to almost every application in the interior of buildings.

Areas of use

  • internal and external doors
  • Single and double-leaved pedestrian passageways in building entrances and interiors
  • Can be installed on all commercially available doors, whether in newbuilds or renovations
  • Recommended for door leaf widths up to 1200 mm and weights up to 125 Kg

Possible applications

  • Power Assist (power-assisted manual opening of doors)
  • Low Energy operation (limited power and speed; in certain circumstances the security systems can be omitted)
  • Full Power operation (with moving sensors) for doors with medium to high user frequencies
  • Fire and smoke protection doors (country-specific standards and regulations must be observed)
  • Escape routes and panic route opening (mechanical opening)
  • Air locks with two and three leaves
  • Barrier-free doors
  • Access doors to rooms with either positive or negative air pressure e.g. clean rooms


  • Drive functionalities may be altered or supplemented by means of modules which can be retrofitted at any time
  • Flexible and economic solution thanks to upgrade and extension modules
  • Excellent quality of manufacture and a long working life
  • Network compatible (for instance for inclusion in access control or building management systems)
  • Integrated mechanical door closing function
  • Energy conservation function
  • Powerful motors
  • Quiet operation
  • Slender and compact aluminium design (H x D x L: 85 x 128 x 640 mm)
  • User interface can be integrated into the casing if required
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • 115 und 230 VAC operating voltage
  • EN 16005 (TüV), DIN 18650 (TüV) – 1 million test cycles at a rate of 4,000 cycles per day, UL 325